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Seller decides to sell his/her home.

Normally a Seller will contact a real estate professional to get an idea of how much his/her property is worth. We recommend that sellers interview at least 3 real estate agents, and carefully research each agent’s background and history. There are hundreds of real estate agents that service any single geographical region. Not all real estate professionals are equally qualified. Review how the agent evaluates your home and how he/she recommends a particular sales price. Inquire about his/her experience, expertise, and past results.

Make any necessary repairs and stage the home properly for showing, per the real estate professional advice and recommendation.

If the real estate agent does not give you any recommendations or does not educate you on the process and pricing, then fire him, and hire another agent.

We recommmend that you interview an attorney to review all documents during the sale of the home. It may be more affordable that you think, and there is no substitute to a professional real estate attorney on your side during such a large sale.

Call at least 3 title companies, and shop for fees. Besides fees, inquire about experience and knowledge. As a seller, it is your choice to pick a title company. Do not automatically take the recommendation from your real estate agent. Many real estate agents have affiliation and financial benefits to recommend certain title companies. This does not benefit you, it only puts more money in your agent’s pocket. Shop around, and choose the best company, based on knowledge, expertise, and pricing. You must do this before you execute the contract to safeguard your interests. The title company will handle all the funds from the sale of your home, and will draft all legal documents. Choose wisely, and do not underestimate the importance of the title company in the selling process.

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