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Short Sales

We refer to a short sale whenever the seller of a home decides to sell the house and to negotiate with his/her mortgage lender to accept less than the amount owed on the mortgage as a full payoff of the outstanding balance. The mortgage lender benefits from the short sale because they accept funds on a delinquent mortgage immediately, and do not have to go through the foreclosure process and delays. The home owner benefits as well because he/she will avoid foreclosure on their credit and most of the time will also avoid deficiency judgment.

Short Sales have been very popular in the past few years, and have represented a large portion of all real estate transactions, especially here in Florida. Whether you are the buyer or the seller in a short sale transaction, it is important to work with business professionals who are familiar with the short sale process and can fully and completely represent you in the transaction.

At Security National Title and Escrow, LLC, we understand the short sale process. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of short sale closings, and have negotiated thousands of transactions for our clients in the past few years. We have a short sale team locally in our office, which handles exclusively hundreds of short sale transactions every month. With so many transactions already negotiated and closed, we are fully experienced to handle almost any situation involving short sales, both on the legal and the title side.

If you are interested to learn more about the short sale process or our short sale team, or you are interested in legal representation involving short sales, please call our office and you can discuss your matter with one of our licensed real estate attorneys, free of charge.

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