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Security National Title & Escrow, LLC our job is to be the main source of information for all parties involved in a real estate transaction. While each transaction is unique, some of the parties we facilitate daily communication with include real estate agents, lenders, outside third parties, and of course buyers and sellers.

Before mortgage approval, it will be our responsibility to perform a thorough title search, review property history including all ownership interests, and inform each participating party of their legal rights. Once approved, we will then at the closing table prepare and notarize any required forms, oversee all transfer of funds between parties, and prepare a detailed record of all necessary legal documents to ensure property ownership. Provided these steps are successfully completed, we will then issue title insurance to both the buyer and lender as a guarantee of proper ownership.

Title companies fulfill the single most important role in any transaction involving the acquisition or relinquishment of property. However, most parties simply choose their representative company based on a recommendation from an agent or lender. This is a mistake because each title company will have their own rates and procedures—and as a result, some are going to be better than others. According to the National Board of Realtors, only 2% of buyers and sellers compare rates between title companies. We would like to see that number rise, starting with you.

Even if you don’t do business with us, we invite you to shop around to ensure that you make the best decision available for you and your finances. Please call for a free quote today.

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